Skincare Products

Developed with the concept of providing ultimate care for the skin, Passage New York Skincare consists of products ranging from basic essentials to specially targeted treatments. Our guiding philosophy is to extend a holistic touch point, from our spa to your home seamlessly.

Planned with the consumer needs in mind, products are developed with leading Swiss Labs using the latest, cutting edge technological advancements in skincare. Formulated with the best active ingredients, consumers can be assured of product quality and commitment.

Our bestselling product series:
· White Lily Series (Whitening)
· ST Cell Series (Anti-Aging)
· Aqua Infusion (Hydration)
· Sun Shield (Sun Protection)
· Ampoules (Targeted Treatments)

Passage New York is committed to providing a premium range of skincare products to improve your overall skin condition and to help you achieve a younger, healthier and radiant complexion.